Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival

    Saturday 14 September 2013
    Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre California
    Chula Vista
    Buy Tickets for Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

    Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival

    Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival-Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

    The Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival is ready to set foot in California this season. The festival is known for its highly energetic and enigmatic ambiance created by the wonderful line up of music talent and stars. The concerts will feature some of the most happening and the biggest names in the music history. The festival will be held on the 14th of September 2013 and is a highly anticipated event. The  venue for this event is the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater located in Chula Vista in California.

    Image courtesy of <Tiger Girl> licensed under Creative Commons.

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